Brie Wieselman: Postpartum Recovery Plan – A Functional Health Approach For Athletic Mamas and Baby’s Wellbeing


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We’re joined by Brie Wieselman, a functional medicine practitioner from Santa Cruz, CA, who runs a successful online clinic with other clinicians serving patients all over the world, where she specializes in gut health, hormones, and female health. Brie is also a new mama, who gave birth around the same time as our host, Tawnee! They both had difficult journeys to ultimately welcoming their daughters, and they are also taking extra good care of their bodies in the postpartum phase with research-based, functional health methods that benefit mom and baby. For more about Brie’s services and inquiring about hiring her, click here. As mentioned in the show, if you’re curious about Brie’s experience with gestational diabetes, you can read more here. Also dive into her full postpartum recovery plan, which we discuss in length on this episode.

This is Brie‘s third appearance on EP, the other two shows can be downloaded and listened to here: Foundations of Functional Medicine and Applications to Reach Optimization and Functional Healing For Endometriosis – The Role of Diet, Hormones, Gut Health and More.

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