A Review Of The Embrace Documentary: A Controversial Standpoint [Podcast Episode #015]


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All Taryn Brumfitt wanted to do was support her girlfriends and help them love and accept their bodies so she posted a “before” and “after” pic on Facebook. Except this wasn’t the typical kind of before and after photo – in this one, her before picture was of her looking ripped standing on stage in a bikini during a figure competition. Her after photo was of Taryn sitting naked, carrying much more weight than in her “before” pic, and looking happy. The photo went viral on FB and has since been viewed over 100,000,000 times.

Taryn became an overnight media sensation and it prompted her to launch the Global Body Image movement from which the Embrace documentary was created. Naturally, being in the health space I was curious about this movie and knew I needed to see it.

It was an emotional experience to view this documentary and to hear the things women say about their bodies – things like they think their bodies are “fat”, “disgusting”, “gross”, “stumpy”, and “below average” to name a few. But then, I’m no stranger to that – I listen to women everyday who tear themselves to pieces and feel like such a failure because they can’t seem to get a handle on their weight no matter what they do.

Yet, while watching this documentary I also felt this burning desire to take a stand for what I know IS possible for women and how gaps in knowledge can handcuff us to the old dieting regime of “all or nothing”, “good or bad”, “on the wagon or off the wagon” and how THAT is what makes our life a prison and how the battle with food seems never ending.

It simply doesn’t have to be that way!

This is my most vulnerable, transparent podcast episode to date – one where I take a strong point of view and go into the science and psychology of weight loss.

In this episode I share….

  • My views on the “love yourself at any size” philosophy and how I believe that can be damaging to women
  • How the dieting industry has come to be a 60 billion dollar industry and how all women are supporting it
  • What the bigger conversation needs to be and discuss why we’re so afraid to have it
  • How it felt to have my husband tell me that my body was less than perfect, and what happened next between us
  • The myth and reality around the idea of “The Perfect Body”
  • How photoshop has been the biggest contributor to the eradication of a woman’s self-confidence and what to do about it

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