How to Lose Weight When You’re Short (5’4” and Under) [Podcast Episode #009]


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Have you ever felt like it was so unfair that your friends could eat or drink whatever they want and never seem to gain a pound yet you have to watch what you eat like a hawk and yet still seem to gain weight?

I hear this all the time from women who are 5’4” and under.

Shorter women do have more challenges when it comes to weight loss for many reasons but most fail to recognize that their height puts them at a disadvantage. I had one client, I’ll call her Sally, who found great relief in knowing this because it finally stopped her from feeling like a failure.

She had tried so hard to lose weight following all sorts of cookie cutter diet programs but none of them worked. What was more frustrating was some of her friends had had great (temporary) success with a few of these programs and she was at a loss as to why they didn’t work for her.

If you’re a woman who’s more on the petite side when it comes to height, this is one episode you’re going to want to listen to – it’s 24 minutes. I’m going to explain exactly what Sally needed to know as a shorter woman to see weight loss happen for her.

In this episode, you will…

  • Understand what “metabolism” really means and what truly influences whether or not you have a good one
  • Hear the biggest myth around how to “boost” your metabolism!
  • Learn why being short puts you at a weight loss disadvantage AND how to get on the winning side of the weight loss battle
  • Realize that the food culture we live in also puts women at a disadvantage for weight loss and 3 strategies to deal with that
  • Understand how weight loss is based on body science and if you follow some simple physiological principles you can lose weight AND keep it off forever
  • Learn that being short means you absolutely HAVE to be aware of 3 critical things if you want to lose weight

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