Shocking Sugar Facts And The Surprising Impact It’s Having On Your Life [Episode #006]


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It’s been said that sugar is the worst legalized drug of all, that it acts like cocaine or heroin in the brain and that it’s more addictive than both of those drugs.

North Americans are consuming sugar like never before - in fact, on average, ~160 lbs of sugar per year are consumed by the average person. That means eating about ½ cup to 1 cup of sugar a day. Shocking, right? You might think that you’re not doing this but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to do. Twizzlers anyone?

If you’ve been wanting to lose weight but feel like you’re sugar cravings hold you back, or if you suffer from a lack of energy or are worried about how much sugar your kids are eating this episode is for you.

*****Attention: I believe every mom should listen to this episode about sugar*****

In this episode you will:

  • Learn the recommended amount of added sugar you can have in a day (as well as your kids) and how to stay within that limit
  • Understand the tricky way that food companies started the war on fat and how the effect of the non-fat, low-fat movement has contributed to our obesity crisis
  • Realize the impact of normal, everyday things on your child’s health (think popsicles, ice cream, orange juice, candy), and your own
  • Finally get the role sugar plays in the prevention of your weight loss efforts
  • Hear the best word you should start saying to yourself and your kids. It’s one syllable - can you guess it?

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