Women Need To (re)Discover Their Sexuality & Libido For Overall Health with Dr. Keesha Ewers [Podcast Episode #017]


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Did you know that 69% of women in a long-term committed relationship (I’m talking about over a year or more with the same partner) will no longer have spontaneous sexual desire? That means about half of all women simply don’t want to have sex. And that, is not good if you’re wanting to live with energy to thrive as your sexual health is just as important as your physical and emotional health and can be directly connected to both.

A woman’s sex drive and libido are impacted by what’s going on in your head and often that stuff is about what’s happened in the past or worrying about what’s going to happen in the future. This can keep you sexless way longer than is healthy.

Further, far too many women are letting their own toxic, negative thoughts about their body hold them back in the bedroom. If you’re letting your weight affect your ability to think of yourself as sexy and desirable then you need to listen to this podcast.

Join Dr. Keesha Ewers and I as we discuss what it takes for a busy, tapped-out woman to find her libido again and why it’s critically important this doesn’t go ignored (this is one of my most favorite podcast interviews yet).

In this episode, we talk about….

  • How experiencing low libido is actually an indicator that your gas tank is empty for desire..and not just desire for sex, but passion for life in general. This is a critical warning sign you need to pay attention to.
  • Using sex as a way to hold power in your relationship. Is it a “give-get” relationship between you and your spouse – you’ll only “give it” if you “get” what you want (i.e. flowers, help around the house, the garbage taken out without asking). What if you ditched that mentality and recognized that letting yourself have good sex is a way to nourish yourself?
  • How to escape the trap of thinking “If he loved me, he’d do these things for me, and if he did these things for me, then I’d want to have sex. But he doesn’t, so I don’t”.
  • Why it’s important to have sex even when you’re not in the mood, in fact, there’s one secret thing you need to do so you can get into the mood.
  • How to redefine and learn new ways to create intimacy in your relationship so that the focus isn’t solely on achieving orgasm (Dr. Keesha has sex everyday, sometimes twice).
  • Men are different than women when it comes to sexual desire (I know…”Duh!”), BUT do you know what the number one critical difference is? Find out by tuning in.
  • Unresolved childhood trauma can impact your ability to lose weight and experience intimacy as an adult. Hidden limiting beliefs you hold about yourself can impact your ability to live the life you fully desire – Dr. Keesha shares what you can do to start the healing process.

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