Episode 115 - Power bills | Renewable energy | Pipelines | Natural gas | Lightning | Iran


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Americans Face 25% Jump in Power Bills, Adding to Summer Woe
- aggregate power consumption might be lower because offices and businesses are lower but it will be higher for residential because people are staying home and consuming more power
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire buys Dominion Energy natural gas assets in $10 billion deal
- Does this mean that Buffet doesn’t think were about to hit peak energy demand?
- He didn’t get burned enough on energy from the Occidental deal to walk away from energy sector.
Dakota Access Oil Line to Be Shut by Court in Blow for Trump
- could bankrupt Energy Transfer?
- Depending on right of way agreements Energy Transfer could lose these agreements if pipeline is offline for certain amount of time, which is much shorter than you’d think.
Companies Cancel Atlantic Coast Pipeline After Years of Delays
- Duke and Dominion cancel plans for Atlantic Coast Pipeline over regulatory uncertainty
- $8 billion, 600 mile pipeline would carry natural gas through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina
Climate change 'fuelling deadly India lightning strikes'
Iran admits incident at Natanz nuclear site caused major damage
- Explosion at Iran nuclear facility causes setback to Iran’s nuclear program
China Is Unlikely to Meet Purchase Targets for U.S. Energy
- China not hitting its dollar number for purchases of US energy products under trade deal
- But oil prices are WAY DOWN and also demand for oil is down due to Covid

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