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We are excited to share with you our weekly wide-ranging zoom conversation with real estate experts from around our area, from the Boroughs of New York to the 'Burbs of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. We want to know what the top agents in New York and Connecticut are seeing and hearing We want to know which neighborhoods and towns are poised to take off, which ones could crash We want to know which firms are getting it done, and which ones might be stuck in neutral We want to know where top agents are finding new business as the landscape shifts and we see new imbalance in the market We want to pour water on some of the myths and misinformation we’re reading (you heard New York is dead? Fuhgeddaboudit) We want to talk to builders, property managers, insurers, mortgage brokers, coop boards and anybody whose lives depend on the deals we are makingThe conversation is hosted by John Engel in Connecticut and Roberto Cabrera in New York.

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