Episode 130: Domestic Violence Awareness Month Community Conversation on Systems Change


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This year, in recognition of DVAM or Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Engendered Collective hosted a series of community conversations to bring greater awareness to domestic abuse and gender-based violence. This first conversation deals with how we can create systems change and build a culture of accountability. Our guests included Elle Kamihira and Dr. Emma Katz.

Elle Kamihira is survivor, activist, and a multi-disciplinary director who has spent the last twenty years collaborating on a variety of award-winning film, museum, documentary, and theater projects. Current projects include Jennifer 42, an animated documentary that takes a close look at the role of coercive control in the true story of the murder of Jennifer Magnano, and The Most Wicked Problem, a docu-series about femicide.

Dr. Emma Katz, a researcher based in England focused on coercive control of children. Her most recent article When Coercive Control Continues to Harm Children: Post‐Separation Fathering, Stalking and Domestic Violence can be downloaded for free here . Her book Coercive Control in Children’s and Mothers’ Lives will be published by Oxford University Press in 2021. Follow Emma on Twitter at @DrEmmaKatz

During our conversation, Elle, Emma, and I touched upon the following resources:


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