Episode 69: #SurvivorStories Series with Jessica Ingels on courts giving custody to abusers


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On this episode of the en(gender)ed #SurvivorStories series, our guest is Jessica Ingels, a protective mother and domestic violence victim and survivor. In our conversation, Jessica describes the ways in which her abusive ex-husband has weaponized the courts against her to obtain custody of their daughter, despite her protective order against him and her status as an eligible Crime Victims Compensation Bureau victim. Jessica shares with us the ways in which the courts have viewed her protective mother status as a liability and used it to label her unfit to see her daughter, despite their own clear conflicts of interest that should have disqualified them from any decision-making or involvement in her case. Throughout our conversation with survivors, we reference #abusertactics, #signsofabuse, and #upstandertips.

During our conversation, Jessica and I referenced the following resources:

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