Episode 77: en(gender)ed Reflections on feminist practices in business


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In this "Reflections" episode,Teri and Michael reflect back on episodes on feminist practices in business: Episodes 72 & 73: CV Harquail on her book “Feminism–A Key Idea for Business and Society,Episode 74: Vanessa Dawson of the Vinetta Project on investing in female tech founders, Episodes 75 & 76: Susan Basterfield and Gina Stevens-Rembe on Enspiral and its feminist business ecosystem.

Teri and Michael co-host the en(gender)ed reflections episodes which serve to help curate a series of past episodes, usually around a specific theme. We hope these episodes help listeners coming in at that point of the podcast identify particular episodes and themes that they may want to explore. During our reflection, we talked about these additional resources:


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