Tips To Create A YouTube Traffic Machine


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Quote Of The Day: No Matter What You Do, Your job is to Tell Your Story. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Show Notes:

Know Your Why - Why are you creating a business online? Simon Sinek - TedTv, his book WHY talks about the Golden Circle. What you do [No one cares]. How You do it [They still don’t care]. And WHY you do it. [They care about this] They want warm - fuzzy.

It’s the content, not the video production. But the sound - audio must be good not perfect or necessary to be professionally created and edited.

The number one Tip To Create A YouTube Traffic Machine is how long they watch. A 3-second watch is not as good as a 3-minute watch of a 10-minute video.

Even if they don’t finish the video and then click on one of the other suggestions in the right sidebar, it ranks your video. It suggests to Youtube that you are someone they should recommend to others.

They want people who keep the viewer on YouTube. They want the viewer not go elsewhere for information and education.

3 Tip To Create A YouTube Traffic Machine

We used to think it was all about 1. likes and 2. number of views. These are important, but neither ranks your video like the 3. length of viewing time.

Tips To Create A YouTube Traffic Machine 1. Start with research. Let’s talk title, tags - content. Be Congruent with your information and education 2. Know the answers to questions and deliver. Focus on content, not the video so much. Be natural, be human. [how to find hospitals, restaurants, hotels,] 3.Know the intent of your customers. If they want to learn how to put together a travel kit to Asia help them do this. Know the questions and concerns. Answer these types of questions for your watcher. What is the best safe travel, best clothes, must-haves, first aid, and digital help. 4.Be consistent. Make sure the title, the information, and the tags are about the exact same thing. Example: Title; What You Need to Travel to Asia. Tags; Asia travel, safe travel, travel list… think of LSI. YouTube sees your description, title, and tags. They go in and caption your video. You can change this and should do so to make it work for you and your marketing but keep it consistent. We're running out of time. . . More Tips To Create A YouTube Traffic Machine The 1st 24 hours are the most important for being found. Then the next 7 days you need to get long views too.

Drip notice to your social networks that you launched the video. We’ll talk about the cluster strategy of content Creation next time.

This applies to your video, your articles, and your podcasts or other marketing. Hey, it applies to your master classes, and training videos too!

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