Episode 13: DevTools: The Good, Bad and Ugly


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Show Notes

[00:01:00] Chris gets right into business and explains what Vue Devtools are.

[00:05:51] Ben explains the “EventBus” in Devtools and what kinds of events it tracks.

[00:06:47] Ari talks about the “Vuex tabs” since that’s the tab she spends the most time in. There are two panels that she explains about.

[00:12:07] Chris blows everyone’s mind by telling them a feature that a lot of people don’t know about by clicking on the components tree and inspecting. Listen here to have your mind blown! It’s a game changer!

[00:18:39] Ben explains a “console log” trick he’s learned recently if you ever have trouble unpacking an object. This trick he talks about allows you to do it in a dropdown manner.

[00:21:34] Chris asks everyone what kinds of tricks or tools they use when they are troubleshooting by themselves.

[00:28:07] Tessa mentions something pretty cool and useful about how you can activate Vue Devtools on the production version of a website.

Picks of the week:
[00:33:34] Chris has two picks: “Half-Life: Alyx,” a virtual reality game series and a cartoon series called, “Steven Universe Future.”
[00:36:48] Ben has three picks: VS Codes Live Share, a tv show on Netflix called, “Ugly Delicious,” and a game called, “Don’t Starve Together.”
[00:38:22] Chris decides he has one more pick☺, “Drawful 2,” which is a great game to play remotely with friends, found on STEAM and it’s FREE!!!!
[00:39:13] Tessa has two picks: She suggests taking classes with a friend. She is currently doing an online tarot class with a friend which is a fun way to keep in touch and she suggests going to watch a professional photo shoot in “Animal Crossing” that Jessica Kobeissi, put together on YouTube.
[00:40:11] Ari has two picks: a song called, “Since You Asked Kindly,” by the band, “BadBadNotGood,” and a series on Hulu called, “The Last Man on Earth.”

Resources mentioned
Vue.js Devtools
“Steven Universe Future”
VS Code Live Share
“Ugly Delicious”
“Don’t Starve Together”
“Drawful 2”
4 Best Tarot Card Courses
“Animal Crossing” Photoshoot with Jessica Kobeissi
“Since You Asked Kindly,” by BadBadNotGood
“The Last Man on Earth”


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