EBD033 Your Blue Ribbon Formula for Success


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Dreaming big, being consistent and taking action toward your goals are just some of the things that successful people do, but it’s not the complete picture! Kathy is sharing her EXACT formula that she and her dog used to be standing at the post as a National Sheep Dog finalist, 1 of the top dog teams in North America. There are 5 steps to take on the path to greatness and joy and although it’s not easy, with consistent baby steps, you’ll be able to achieve the things and feelings you wish to in your life!

In This Episode

  • What Kathy’s heart desires
  • Life is not all peaches and cream, rainbows and unicorns
  • Why people fail at reaching their dreams, even when they’re accomplishing goals
  • The 5 parts of the blue ribbon success formula!
  • What the top 5% use to get to the top of their game

“What I really wanted was to feel a certain way, and that’s what I focused on”

“That’s a successful life, when we can bounce back to center”

“Dreams without goals are just wishes and hopes without promise”

“It’s just too easy to fail without the right goals, plans and actions steps”

“Without taking action, your dreams and goals are just pies in the sky”

“Dream big, start small, keep going”

“Our conscious mind is limited to what it already knows to be true”

“Our brain does not recognize the difference between real and imagined experiences”

“I’ll be okay no matter what happens”

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