EBD036 What Is The Best Approach to Rehab a Reactive Dog?


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Sweet and soulful Kathy Kawalec, Dog Lover Extraordinaire, wants you to have the best relationship possible with your dog and she is here to help! Kathy appreciates her followers by answering their questions, providing goodies, and giving personal on-air thanks! She wants all trainers, dog owners, anyone who spends an abundant amount of time in a relationship with a dog to build a deep, meaningful relationship, because she believes that dogs connect us to what matters most in the world.

In This Episode, Kathy answers the questions: What is the best way to rehab a reactive dog? What is the differences between conventional dog training and partnership approach to interaction with our own dogs? Kathy explains that the look and dismiss method is not a bad method and does work; however she prefers the Role Model or Partnership Method because it hinges on the trust between the owner and the dog. If we put ourselves between the trigger and the dog, the dog understands that it can trust us and we are going to show how to respond to this situation. The dog will gauge reaction from us while maintaining empowerment, instead of deciding by themselves on how to react to the current stimuli.

Why is the partnership approach best?

  • Role Modeling - we are allowing a situation to develop if we allow the dog to focus on the trigger. We are engaging with the dog and supporting the focus of the trigger and thus empowering it. With partnership we are showing the dog that the trigger has no importance to me or you (dog) and it isn’t worth more than an awareness. We shouldn’t use energy to focus on this.

“We’re seeing a lot of reactivity in Dogs in recent years”

“What we focus on us what we grow”

“I believe that our dogs connect us to the heart and soul of what really matters in life!”

“I believe the partnership approach is the enlightened approach.”

“Core philosophy is what we focus on is what we grow.”

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