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Kathy starts out this episode with a personal thanks to listener CarolC64 who left a rating and heartfelt comment on the last episode. Our host reminds us that any person who rates or comments can be featured on future episodes as a shout out!

In this episode of Enlightened by Dogs podcast Kathy gets passionate and serious about the biggest myths in dog training:

  • Training makes our lives better
    • Excessive training confuses our dogs
    • The dogs will try hard to make the correct choices or magic combination of steps, but this can result in
      • Frantic behavior
      • Completely emotionally check out
  • I only wish I was a better trainer or had more time to train behavior would be better

Serious dog enthusiasts understand that our dogs are not condition/response machines. (and don’t want them to be.) They understand that there are so many more sciences at work than the simple behavioral sciences which is why the partnership approach works best. It gives the highest level of effectiveness, connectedness, and is holistic in approach. (behavioral science, cognitive science, neuroscience, epigenetics . . . etcetera)

There are two major camps of training in the current culture:

  • Punitive - using intimidation and/or physical force/punishment to get the requested behavior
  • Positive - using positive reinforcement to reinforce correct behaviors which then develop into habits.

Kathy explains we have to understand that there are limitations and we have to face them. We can go beyond positive training with a breakthrough relationship/partnership training that levels us up and has been gaining traction over the last decade. The relationship/partnership method explained:

  • Honors and respects our dogs as socially intelligent and emotional beings
  • Gives dog(s) agency to collaborate with us
  • Recognize that dogs by design, want to connect with us
  • Allows us and our dogs to live a more brilliantly awesome life (that’s what it’s all about!)

The relationship/partnership training style does have limitations:

  • Not easy to learn and use properly
  • Timing and steps aren’t well designed

Kathy Myth Busts the idea of needing to be a better trainer/handler: You don’t need to increase. The training has limitations! If your dog(s) is not performing what can you do instead?

Look at the five steps of partnership and heart connection based training below:

  1. Build a foundation of partnership with your dog(s) based on trust and intelligence. This allows for specialty training and activities later.
  2. Learn to have the intention of truly dialoguing with your dog(s). Communicating deeply respects your dog(s) innate social and emotional intelligence.
  3. Be a loving leader and a guide for your dog(s),
  4. Respect your dog as a thinking, feeling, and intelligent being. Open your heart to form a deep connection that flows two ways between you and your dog(s).
  5. Adopt a relationship building, partnership enhancing lifestyle with your dog(s) that encourages your dog(s) to display attentive, responsive, and responsible behaviors.

Don't ask which training method is right for you. That’s the wrong question. Ask: how can I learn to be the best possible partner for my dog(s)?

“Partnership, not training, gives you and your dog inspiration and motivation to work through any struggle that comes your way.”

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