EBD039 Stuck Inside with Your Stir Crazy Dog? Do This


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In this episode, Kathy explains how being trapped in the house because of extreme winter or summer can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It is also the perfect teaching opportunity to work with your dogs’ impulse control. What does this mean? It means taking a mindful and calm attentive responsiveness to our relationships with our dogs. Being locked up with your dog is actually a great opportunity!

Your dog can learn how to let you, their partner:

  • Calm them
  • Mindful action eases the crazy way theyŕe feeling
  • We can develop reading our dogs better
    • Emotionally
    • Mentally
    • Physically

Kathy gives a quick rundown about believing that dogs naturally want to contribute to their family unit. (Because of social intelligence) If you or your dog are overwhelmed, we can’t learn or focus on anything least of all our intention.

High arousal activities that your dog displays with or without you should be limited to fifteen percent of each day. Kathy also believes that just spending time with our dogs is a really useful tool for your dog to have.

Four useful things to work on with your dog while you're confined to the house due to weather:

  1. Teach your dogs to pay close attention to you.
    1. To be responsible partners
    2. To know to look to you for answers/direction
      1. Posture
      2. Position
      3. Presence
    3. Dialogue with your dog using the three Ps.
    1. Expressions
    2. Breathing
    3. Actions
  2. Develop your skill to a master level in objectively observing and reading your dog’s communications in a single instant.
    1. Observe your own body
    2. Observe your focus
    3. Observe your calmness
    4. Observe your tone voice/whistle
    5. Observe the speed with which you’re speaking
    6. Observe your facial expression
  3. Become a zen master of yourself which will nurture your dog and your partnership.
    1. Touch your dog whenever either of you are feeling tense
    2. Breathe in rhythm to your stroking
      1. Releases oxytocin
    3. Being mindfully connected
  4. Use the power of your breathing and calming touch

“I believe that our dogs connect us to the heart and soul of what really matters in life.”

“Being stuck inside is a great time to practice impulse control and build a better partnership.”

“Being confined indoors with our dogs is a great opportunity to practice being calm, clear, and relaxed.”

“We affect our dogs by our emotions and intentions.”

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