EBD040 What to Do When Your Dog is Barking and Running the Fence with the Dog Next Door


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In this episode, Kathy discusses the issue of our dogs running the fence line, barking frantically. Kathy shares a clip of one of her coaching sessions, from her Brilliant Partners Academy program, with Claire who struggled with her dog lunging, running and barking along the fence line at the neighbor’s dog. She talks about the disconnection between us and our dogs at that point and what we can do to get the connection back. Claire has successfully been able to stop her dog from doing these things through her coaching!

Claire’s question: "How do I stop my dog, Marley, from jumping and barking at the neighbor’s fence when the neighbor’s dog is out? He stops when I shout, “no,” to him and comes back in. He also sits by the fence looking for her if she’s not out. I’m pleased that he’s now listening and stopping when I tell him, “no,” as he used to have deaf ears to this. But how can I stop the initial rushing, jumping, barking?" Listen in to this episode to hear Kathy's coaching advice for Clair.

Kathy wants to know how you feel about this coaching moment. What have you tried or will you try after listening to this episode? Kathy also recommends listening to episode 4 and episode 9.

"Dogs get into a zone when running the fence like that, and they just can't hear us"

“Instead of yelling ‘no’ at him, try going away to the other side of the yard or go in the house. If you were to leave him out there he wouldn’t be interested in staying out there without you.”

"Every time your dog runs out, barking and running the fence, and you shout out no ... you are leaking trust and damaging your relationship" "When we are dealing with embedded patterns of behavior, we need to interrupt and manage the situation to create the space for a new habit to be created."

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