EBD123 From Over-aroused, Chasing and Reactive to Trusting Partners


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Stella's wild child Henna was a special puppy who endured serious illness, affecting her brain and their relationship. Henna's lunging and barking at everything embarrassed Stella, who became stressed about the effect this out of control dog was having on the family.

Resonating with the BPA focus on heart, connection and understanding, Stella joined the BPA and soon began to really 'hear' Henna. She soon realized that it was fear and lack of trust that was the driver for the unruly behavior.

The Brilliant Partners Academy became their guiding light. When speaking about her time as a member of BPA, Stella said, “after just six months of being in BPA, our lives were transformed.” Stella and Henna have come a long way in a short space of time, proving that it doesn’t take an eternity to create a loving partnership connection with our dogs.

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, you’ll hear Stella and Henna’s story from ‘the dark days’ of Henna’s unruly behavior to nowadays, where she has become the light and joy of Stella’s life! Enjoy!

In this episode:

  • Henna’s behavioral issues before joining BPA
  • Why Stella was looking for a holistic approach to help Henna
  • Henna’s medical issues and how they affected her brain and behavior
  • What made Stella decide to join BPA and why she resonated with our core principles
  • How life has changed since Stella and Henna joined BPA
  • Some BPA strategies that have helped improve Henna’s behavior
  • The importance of listening to your dog and making them feel safe
  • Stella shares her advice for other struggling dog moms

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“I thought I knew an awful lot about dogs, and I thought I knew a lot about so called training, and Henna proved me completely wrong”

“I forgot to tell her that I loved her”

“BPA is about really connecting with your dog and really listening to your dog and not trying to fix your dog”

“One of the turning points was when I accepted her for who she is”

“Now she feels that she's part of the family”

“BPA will change your life and it will bring you so much joy and empathy”

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