EBD024 The Hidden Agenda of Misbehaving Dogs


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Why does your dog jump up on guests? Why do they chase sheep (or cars) without any regard to the rules? Why do they refuse to lie down when you want them to? It could be that they have their own secret agenda! More likely is that they need help from you and can’t seem to get it! Listen in and find out why your dog is misbehaving, and how you can finally solve your frustrations!

In This Episode

  • The challenges and frustrations we experience with our dogs
  • Our dog’s secret agenda
  • How our dogs communicate with us
  • Sometimes your dog won’t listen for a good reason
  • How sheep gathering taught a valuable lesson about listening to your dog
  • 5 steps to reaching success in frustrating situations

“When we can’t train away the problem, we might ultimately conclude that our dog has her own agenda”

“They want to feel that they belong”

“Dogs thrive when they are a contributing member of a well functioning family”

“It’s just feedback”

“The dog was not misbehaving, the dog was simply begging for help”

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