Life as a Male Empath with Ian Johnson!


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Please join us in welcoming Ian Johnson as he shares his perspective of what it is like to be a male empath. His honesty and candor gives us a glimpse into how empathic men can navigate life.

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Ian Johnson lives in Portland Maine and currently works as a Building Sustainability Consultant. In his work he uses regenerative thinking to support the design of high performance buildings and landscapes.

He is passionate about Earth healing and also teaches and practices Permaculture and Earth re-connection.

Through meditation and spirituality, he is an empath and has utilized this gift to help others and the world around him.

Currently he is writing a book about being a male empath which will be out later this year. The book looks to provide support to other male empaths who are struggling with embracing their empathy and finding their true self.

To contact Ian and find out more about his work and upcoming book:

Instagram: the_regenerative_life

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