37: The Power Of Treating Yourself As An 'Entrepreneurial Athlete'


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When most people think of an 'athlete', it brings up images of Olympians, training and elite sports people.

But I want to challenge that loose definition.

Because I think the concept of 'being an athlete' is very powerful for everyone, particularly entrepreneurs.

To me, an athlete is someone who works to cope with (or even exceed) the demands of the environment that confronts them in their daily life.

An Olympic sprinter has the demands of needing to run 100-400m as quickly as possible.

A stay-at-home parent has the demands of needing to do everything around the house without the kids driving them crazy!

An entrepreneur has the demands of needing to be as sharp as possible in their business, relationships and home life.

We all have demands. We are all athletes.

Successful athletes put the work in on themselves. Unsuccessful athletes... don't!

So treating yourself as one helps you to take on the actions, thoughts and behaviours that enable you to perform like a badass in your life!

And this is what I talk about in today's podcast episode.

I talk about...
  • EEBs Episode #005: Your 'I Am' Statement For A Powerful Mindshift
  • Why the concept of 'entrepreneurial athleticism' is so powerful.
  • How to start treating yourself like an athlete.
  • Exceeding your performing requirements in your life.
  • Coping with the demands of your environment.
  • The mindshift towards becoming an entrepreneurial athlete.

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Love, Laughter & Light, Mike

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