44: Learning Authenticity & Connection From Syrian Refugees with Emmy-Nominated Filmmaker, Sarah Cordial


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I loved having this conversation with Sarah Cordial.

As a documentary filmmaker, she's worked at the likes of ESPN and Fox News and has created some awesomely inspirational pieces.

Her back catalogue includes a wide range of topics, such as Syrian refugees and NBA superstars, and she's even been Emmy nominated on two occasions.

As you can imagine, she's pretty damn good at storytelling and bringing out the authnticity in the people and situations she films about.

But she's also a deeply spiritual person and has been heavily into self-growth for a long time.

In fact, she's even now a podcast host herself with her show, The Daily Cordial, where she explores life's big questions with thought leaders from around the world.

So I thought this was a great opportunity to discuss with her about self-growth and connecting with our authentic selves.

In The Episode, We Talk About...
  • Sarah's story of how she used her inquisitive nature to get into filmmaking.
  • The importance of setting our intention in every situation.
  • What Sarah learned from visiting a Syrian refugee camp.
  • Why being vulnerable is vital to self-growth.
  • Why our relationships can be the place we learn the most about ourselves.
  • The keys to authenticity and connecting to our authentic selves.

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Love, Laughter & Light, Mike

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