46: Starting with YOU in Your Life & Business (Might Piss Off Hardcore 'Business Gurus')


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How I approach my life and business shifted massively with what I'm about to share with you today.

And it may piss some people off.

But approaching things this way has left me with so much more LOVE for what I do.

Essentially, it's the concept of not being so obsessed with pleasing others, such as avatars, target markets, partners, family, etc.

Instead of trying to 'mould' ourselves to fit into what others want us to be like, we should start with us and ourselves.

And this is what I am doing with the podcast, this blog and everything I do.

I explain a bit more in the episode.

I talk about...
  • Why I started treating my business as more of an 'art form' than a strict 'business'.
  • A ramble about Vincent van Gogh.
  • The starting point for bringing more joy and passion into our professional and personal lives.
  • Why discovering who you are is so key to living an enjoyable life.
  • Discovering your message to the world.
  • Attracting people who resonate with the real, authentic, genuine YOU.
  • EEBs Episode #019: What's Your 200 Year Goal?

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Love, Laughter & Light, Mike

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