53: Trusting Your Inner Voice to Find Your Deep, Burning Calling with Kute Blackson


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This was such a wonderful conversation I had with Kute Blackson.

His story is one of genuine inspiration.

Born in Ghana and raised in London, he left the relative 'security' of continuing his father's ministry to move to LA and create the life he wanted.

Kute arrived in LA with pretty much nothing but a burning passion and a calling to do something great with his life.

It was more than just his purpose.

It was something he couldn't help but do.

And this is what we talk a lot about in the episode today.

In The Episode, We Talk About...
  • Kute's story of travelling to America with nothing but a burning calling and turning it into a massively successful business.
  • Why it's important to never compromise on your essence of integrity.
  • How to stop playing the game of confusion many of us play.
  • Finding YOUR truth.
  • The power of listening to and TRUSTING your 'inner voice'.
  • How to get excited about embracing the unknown.
  • Four no BS questions to find your life's purpose.
  • Doing all this while dealing with money and scarcity consciousness.

What an epic conversation this was to have and I hope you love listening to it.

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Love, Laughter & Light, Mike

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