56: The Secrets to Becoming A Productivity Master with Michael Sliwinski


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Michael Sliwinski has dedicated the past decade of his life to optimising productivity.

So it was awesome to have him on the podcast to talk about that very subject.

Michael was a stressed out consultant struggling to fit all his tasks into a working day.

He tried various books, apps and solutions.

But kept on hitting a wall when it came to making something work for him.

Until one day, he decided to create his own app, Nozbe, to solve his problems.

He then became obsessed with all things productivity and hasn't looked back.

So that is what we talk about in today's podcast.

In The Episode, We Talk About…
  • How Michael went from disorganised consultant to productivity king.
  • Michael's top tips for productivity.
  • The biggest mistakes Michael sees people make when it comes to productivity.
  • How Michael plans out his week to get more done in less time.
  • The power of investing your time to get more done.
  • Why and how to go 'iPad only'.
  • Michael's awesome 'two minute rule' for getting small things done.
  • Top apps, books and tools for productivity.

What an epic conversation this was to have and I hope you love listening to it.

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Love, Laughter & Light, Mike

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