59: Accessing 'Mindfulness Mode' to Bring Inner Calm & Focus with Bruce Langford


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It was great talking with Bruce Langford.

He's a guy who is all about mindfulness and even has his own awesome podcast dedicated to this subject called 'Mindfulness Mode'.

Personally, I love the whole idea of 'mindfulness' and think we can all benefit from having more of it in our lives.

But I'm not someone who has dug deep into the subject myself, what it exactly is and how to use it.

So it was awesome to get real deep on mindfulness with Bruce.

And to talk about how he first got into it and used the principles with himself and in the 'bullying prevention' work he does in schools.

In The Episode, We Talk About...
  • Bruce's story of overcoming anxiety and inner turmoil when he was younger.
  • How Bruce first encountered mindfulness and incorporated it into his life.
  • The importance of awareness for bringing inner calm.
  • The different ways we can use mindfulness in our lives.
  • Simple tactics for bringing more mindfulness and inner peace into a busy life.
  • Why ending our own self-judgement can be incredibly powerful.

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Love, Laughter & Light, Mike

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