64: Finding Your Inner Compass Towards Inner Peace with Rob Westerburg


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I’ve been wanting to have Rob Westerburg on the podcast for a little while now.

We’ve been connected on Facebook for a few months and I absolutely love the kind of stuff he shares.

So it’s a pleasure to have him on the show today.

Rob’s a coach who helps people get over their inner struggles to live healthier, happier lives.

And he’s so awesome at doing this, in part, because of his own story of overcoming inner turmoil and a heavy gambling addiction that almost saw him take his own life.

So on the episode we talk about Rob’s story and how to start doing the work in overcoming your own inner demons.

In The Episode, We Talk About…
  • Rob’s story of dealing with a 20-year gambling addiction that almost led to suicide.
  • Why addiction to anything is always a deep rooted inner issue.
  • How Rob pulled himself through to start living his dream life.
  • Why your stories based in fear are keeping you stuck.
  • How to use pain as a tool for presence and growth.
  • Why it’s important to appreciate your darkness if you want to live peacefully.
  • Finding our core values and how to use them for deep levels of inner peace and clarity on direction.
  • Why it’s important to serve yourself in a positive way.

Loved this convo with Rob, and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

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Love, Laughter & Light, Mike

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