Episode 26: Realizing a Vision & Communicating with Confidence Coaching


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Sylvia Scott, Host of Enterprising Young Females and Founder, CEO, and Chief Visionary Officer introduces the Girls' C.E.O. Connection new two-month coaching package: Realizing a Vision & Communicating with Confidence.

The program is designed for young women between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. Its is an education they won’t get in school. This is about teaching young women how to become proficient in their communication skills both verbal and visual.

It’s important to create a dynamic, expressive persona that radiates that with authenticity and uniqueness. They will learn how to disrupt the secret self-doubt that’s known as the imposter syndrome! It’s the limiting belief and self-doubt that makes them feel like a phony and undermines self-confidence, which causes them to overlook the fact that their skills, talents, or accomplishments are the reason for their successes.

For more information on the coaching package contact Sylvia Scott at 303-775-9243 or by email at sylvia@girlsceoconnection.

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For more information on Girls' C.E.O. Connection check out our website at https://www.girlsceoconnection.com or contact us by email at info@girlsceoconnection.com

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