123 | How I Used My Personal FB Profile to Drive My Business This Week (Weekly Wrap Up)


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Welcome to entrepreneur like you with business attorney and entrepreneur Chance Reynolds, a daily podcast that brings you the best legal tips, marketing strategies and storytelling tactics that will help you grow your business the right way.

Guys, it was a big week for my llc business mainly because of facebook and free traffic that I drove to my personal profile page. Really super excited about the personal branding stuff that I started building this week just because I had no clue. Such a simple little tweak was going to provide me so much business. It was just, um, so let's recap exactly what happened. So on Monday, I purchased like a $300 course from a guy named Jordan stanley pain. As I talked about it here a million times. I'm constantly taking new courses and um, this course was supposed to be about real estate and essentially it is about real estate. It's tactics to kind of build up your personal brand within a local community for real estate investing cause because that's something that I'm super interested in. But what I actually got from the course, um, was a simple trick.

The most valuable thing I got, at least in the beginning that I could immediately put into action was a simple trick of using your facebook profile rather than a business page to generate traffic. And so the suggestion on the, the course was Max out your friends, your friends will max out at 5,000, start making an effort to Max out your friends on facebook and as you're doing that, start telling your personal story, your personal branding story on your facebook profile as you do that through youtube, podcasting and then facebook lives and things. It doesn't actually talk about facebook live, but, um, I know that this guy uses facebook live to do it for himself. So I kind of looked at what he does, weather then, what he says, and started implementing it just basically by just from requesting a ton of people in the local area as well as in the entrepreneur space.

So I was, uh, just requesting so many people. I've probably started with like about five or 600 friends. Um, and then now it's that, you know, I've gained well over a thousand. It's probably closer to 2000 then I probably have three or 400 friend requests pending as well. So when you start questioning a lot of people, you'll get a lot of friend requests, a lot of them are kind of like spammy bots. I'm on facebook and they'll just ask you to like some page of some scantily clad woman. Uh, but I don't know. It's kind of, it's very strange. I don't know what, what they're getting out of that, like where they're pushing, where they're getting money out of that on the back end. But you get a lot of those when you start building up your friends list. So, you know, I started doing that.

I did, I did some facebook live stuff on [inaudible] specifically and, and the, the best practices. So just providing like super free valuable information, which is something you hear everywhere. It's not like Georgia Stanley pain, um, created that. And he didn't even really talk about creating free content as much as he talked about, uh, just networking with people and like meeting all the people in your local area. I mean, he goes a lot more in depth. This is, I'm not really doing him complete justice on his plan, but I'm just telling you what I've done with it so far, so he suggests, you know, going out and, and meeting with all the local players in real estate. And so rather than doing that, I just went to um, or I haven't done that yet. I plan on doing that. But how I started was just by posting in some facebook groups, I'm just dropping value about the LLC, like talking about, look, I'm an attorney here, some bad information about [inaudible] in every group.

And then I just laid it out like don't, don't create an LLC and another state. Here's why, um, why you when you should start an LLC, here's why, you know, because these are super common question. So I answered them and that's really valuable for people because they don't know and they're afraid to like reach out to an attorney and there's so much conflicting information in the groups. And, and if you try to just read blogs, it's like confusing to people. So when you can provide just some sort of expertise on an area like that, it's really, really helpful. So I started doing that. You know, I've always done that. I've just talked about that forever. That's one of the main ways that I drive traffic. What I haven't done is drive them to my personal profile and then you know, become friends with them on facebook and then provide value through my actual personal facebook page.

It's hard to do that because like your friends and family are on there and you just assume you can do that through like a pro, like a business page or something. But getting over that is a big deal. Once you can get over that, you will see your, you were a messenger, will fill up with people when they see that you're a real actual person, they'll know, like, and trust you a lot more quickly. And those are the three keys to doing business with people and you know, providing them value, they see that you have something that's a credible so that you've already established that. Then when they go to your personal profile, they see that you're dropping facebook lives there, um, on the s on a similar topic or that, that's helpful to them so they, they know you now they may not like you but they trust you and then once you get them on messenger and then that's how you can get them to either like you and not everybody's going to like you.

Some people will try to argue with you, some people that don't know anything or trying to tell you that you don't know anything and that's frustrating, but, um, that's just the nature of the Internet. So there will be haters, but you got to just delete them as friends. Once they start hating on you. It's not a big deal. And your facebook feed will not become like a fun place for you to be anymore. When you do this, that's not going to be a place where you hang out to scroll through and look at your friends to pictures. There are ways that you can kind of create lists within facebook. So just google friendliness and how to create them. And you can only view those, those lists within your facebook feed if you want it to do that, but I suggest just letting go of that part of your life and realizing that if you're going to be an entrepreneur, especially if you're going to be an online entrepreneur, facebook, your facebook feed just isn't going to be like that.

It's just not like you could just use your facebook for, to grow your business, not to necessarily just be friends with, with your old friends from high school or whatever using facebook for. So I wake up this morning and it's, you know, it's right now, it's 5:30. I wake up about 4:30 this morning unfortunately, and look at my facebook inbox in my gmail account. And all the work I've done for the past two weeks has really paid off today. I'm probably going to make a couple thousand dollars. I know it's not millions of dollars that I'm making yet. Um, I don't have a thousand dollar info product that I can sell yet. Uh, but I'm getting there. I'm getting pretty close to getting to the point where if I have this personal branding stuff really takes off, if I can make, you know, a couple thousand dollars a week just on my [inaudible] business and then my real estate business gets going and then I have a thousand dollar thousand dollar or more course to get going.

It's not that far away from really kind of hitting that dream spot of being an Internet entrepreneur and maybe that will never happen. Maybe the course proportion never works. Maybe the real estate portion never works, but this llc portion is definitely working. There's no question that this thing is growing and it's great going to create a passive income eventually. It's not passive yet, but every time I sell an l will see and sign up somebody as a registered agent client. I'm getting residual income each year from that, that sale and I'm providing them, you know, a service for sure, but it's very passive. That portion is very, very passive up front. It's not passive. You got to fill your pipeline, you've got to build your business. You have to do all those things. But uh, just doing these small little personal branding tweaks can really help explode your pipeline and you gotta work for it.

It's not just something that's just gonna happen on its own and eventually, you know, I wanna outsource some of this going through my inbox and driving people to appointments and to the phone and all that. I'll have somebody else do that, some sort of assistant do that. But for now I just want to do all of it myself because I need to learn how to get them on the phone, close them. I'm going to close, you know, several hundred people for bringing somebody else in and I'm, I'm getting, they're getting a lot closer. So awesome week. I'm just going to be a busy weekend. It's going to be a busy week next week, but that's good. That's what you want in your business. So I hope everybody else has had as good of a week as I did.


I would just say start implementing this stuff right now. Right now. The step you can take is to


use your, your personal facebook profile as a way to grow your business by expanding your friends, by strategically friend, requesting people that are in the niche that you want to reach and do it, you know, a couple of hundred people every day. That's what I suggest. That's step one. So if you can't do that, you're gonna. You're going to struggle to grow your business. If you can't do that, you're going to still struggle to grow your business because business is hard, but it'll be a lot easier either way. Everybody have a great weekend. Talk to you next week.


Hey guys. Thank you so much for listening. I really, really appreciate everybody tuning in and all the great feedback I'm getting about the podcast, so I'm going to keep it up and I just wanted to say thank you. Also, if you want to figure out the three ways that most entrepreneurs are getting themselves sued, you can head over to llc, freedom dot [inaudible] slash get sued. I have a little freebie there that kind of outlines the three major ways that people are getting sued and how they can easily be avoided. So hop over to llc freedom.com/get sued and pick that up today. OK.

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