End of the Year Estate Planning for Entrepreneurs with Brian Price and Jennifer Gligoric


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Brian Price and Jennifer Gligoric are the founders of Leafy Legal Services and hosts on Leafy Podcast. This dynamic duo has been helping entrepreneurs for the last 20+ years individually, and together for the past 8 years. Both Brian and Jennifer have harrowing backstories. Brian 'lost his shirt' in the 2008 recession, losing everything and filing bankruptcy before climbing back out and into success. Jennifer found herself homeless as a teenager and managed to put herself through college and become a successful business owner despite the odds against her.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. It's better to have an Estate Plan versus just a Last Will

2. Understand what's available to you before it's too late

3. The process of Estate Planning is simply anticipating and arranging, and when you do it properly you'll gain peace of mind

Download Brian and Jennifer's free Estate Planning Checklist - Free Estate Planning Checklist


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