Prepping for the Post-Pandemic Transformational Retreat Rush with Sheri Rosenthal


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Sheri is chief retreat strategist and CEO of Wanderlust Entrepreneur, where she’s taught thousands of passion-driven entrepreneurs how to design experiential transformational retreats that allow them to stand out in their niche, change lives, and make an incredible income. She’s also the owner of Journeys of the Spirit Travel®, a boutique agency specializing in the planning and management of group travel.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. People who do not believe in failure or success never feel wounded by things not working out, and that makes them resilient and invincible.

2. A good transformational retreat needs to have time to learn, and lounge, and go inside, and process.

3. Start to consider your retreat as part of your income-producing activities in your business.

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