110: Why I'm reevaluating and reducing my screen time


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Lately I've been feeling "over-saturated" when it comes to screen time - so I'm taking a magnifying glass to my use of digital devices. In this episode, I'll explain why I want to be more selective about my online activity, describe what I view as healthy vs. unhealthy screen time for me, and talk about how exactly I'm implementing big changes in the coming month.


  • How much time I've been spending on my phone daily (2:16)
  • Two thought leaders that have influenced my views on screen time (3:47)
  • "Good use" vs. "bad use" of technology in my life (8:36)
  • The specific limits I'm setting for myself in June (12:29)
  • Re-setting default behavior (17:30)

Links and comments: http://www.entrepreneursinmotion.com/screen/

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