Episode 51: Jim Padilla Reveals Why Mindset Is The Secret Weapon To Sell More


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Jim Padilla is the founder of Gain the Edge, a sales and leadership training company. He is a gifted coach who combines a deep knowledge of sales and motivation, and has the ability to teach clearly and inspire his listeners to take action. Jim is also a Sales and Leadership Trainer, Speaker and a Business Consultant. His signature strength is helping people make the mindset shift necessary to overcome the challenges that hold them back.

Listen in as he talks about:

  • Why mindset is the secret weapon to reach your sales goals and how to step into the best possible mindset to achieve your vision
  • How to be the leader in your sales conversations to get more Yeses
  • His incredible journey from an abusive childhood to intentionally creating a life he loves
  • How to respond and react with intention to get big results
  • Making powerful decisions with the right state of mind
  • How he got over setbacks to create a hugely successful business
  • His Top Tip on helping clients through sales engagement

To find out more about Jim Padilla and his work, visit: https://www.gaintheedgenow.com/ Visit his Facebook Group, See You at 7!

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