Ep 012 - Linking wealth, energy demand, CO2 and Climate Change


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Tim Garrett is Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah who's research focus is the physics of clouds. Professor Garrett joins Steven to discuss his work, and model, which shows a consistent link between the global economy and climate change.

Professor Garrett's model indicates the constant requirement of 9.7 Watts to support every $1000 (adjusted to the 1990 Dollar) means it is impossible to decarbonise the economy and prevent catastrophic climate change within six decades.

Steven and Tim discuss why Jevon's Paradox supports this position and means that as we constantly strive for energy efficiency, ironically, the more energy we use.

To find out more on Professor Garrett’s work please visit http://www.inscc.utah.edu/~tgarrett/Economics/Economics.html

For an additional explanation provided by Dr Richard Nolthenius please view his presentation here: https://www.cabrillo.edu/~rnolthenius/Apowers/A7-K43-Garrett.pptx


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