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In this episode of the Epic Triathlon Podcast, Coach Patrick Janukavicius takes you through periodization for peak performance. Periodization is essentially a training plan that balances training stress and recovery in way that will allow you to get faster.

This episode focuses on how to periodize your month, while upcoming episodes will focus on how to periodize your training year and week.

To periodize your training month, go with three hard training weeks followed by one easy training week. An "easy" training week will drop the volume of training used in your hard weeks by 40-50%. This lower volume of training allows your body to recover, improve and get faster. You may increase the intensity of your intervals.

An effective way to plan your monthly periodization is to start on race week and move backwards. So, the week of a race should always be easy. Plan your hard weeks accordingly.

Make sure to have easy training weeks in your training plan. Easy weeks are what allow your body to absorb all the hard training you've been doing and get faster.

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