David Vorick: Sia – Creating a P2P Marketplace for Data Storage to Disrupt the Cloud Industry


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Much of the digital world now operates in the cloud. A handful of companies are responsible for the massive market, and the centralization makes many people worry about censorship, privacy, and network resilience.

David Vorick’s passion for distributed file storage had him start Sia in 2014. He’s been working fervently ever since to develop a viable competitor to the centralized solutions that are responsible for much of the content on the internet today. David aim’s to create a more private, resilient, and secure alternative to Amazon Web Services while also outperforming it.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Why David started Sia rather than taking a job in big-tech
  • The Sia launch in 2015
  • Why Sia has prioritized development over marketing in the beginning
  • The importance of decentralized storage solutions
  • How decentralized storage can be cheaper than AWS
  • Why Sia needs its own blockchain and protocol's tech stack
  • David's views on Proof of Work how that lead him to start a mining company
  • The circumstances around the Sia blockchain fork of 2018
  • Where David envisions decentralized storage in the next few years

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