Vasiliy Shapovalov: Lido – The Liquid Staking Solution for Ethereum 2.0


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Lido is a DAO that provides a liquid staking solution for Ethreum 2.0. It lets users stake their Ether, without locking assets or needing to maintain infrastructure, whilst participating in on-chain activities. Lido attempts to solve the problems associated with initial Ethereum 2.0 staking - illiquidity, minimum requirements, immovability and accessibility, by making staked Ether liquid and allowing for participation in DeFi.

Vasiliy Shapovalov, Co-founder of Lido, joined us to talk about all things Ethereum staking and the benefits of liquid staking with Lido.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Vasiliy's background and how he got into crypto
  • An overview of Lido and the problem it solves
  • How Ethereum 2.0 staking works
  • Lido's fee structure and business model
  • Lido's governance model and the LDO token
  • How the ETH/stETH peg is maintained
  • Liquid staking and its role in DeFi
  • Lido for other blockchain networks like Solana
  • The LEGO Grant program

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