Zubin Koticha: Opyn – The Release of V2


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Zubin Koticha, CEO & Co-founder of Opyn, joined us again on the show to give us an update on Opyn v2.

Opyn v1 was focused on insurance. It's successor, Opyn v2, offers a more traditional options infrastructure. We discuss the problems of building trustless options infrastructure: choice of collateral, partial collateralization and efficient trading mechanisms for options.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • An overview of Opyn v1 and the different options created by DeFi users
  • How options in DeFi work
  • What is new in Opyn v2
  • How the oracle specification works
  • Capital efficiency - nesting options for collateralization
  • Fungibility of different options
  • What makes Opyn different to other option platforms?
  • Options and the AMM design

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