Biden, Warren to share debate state tonight for first time; Trump on NSA role: "It's easy, because I make all the decisions"; Democrats vote to ramp up Trump impeachment inquiry


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Campaign aide: Biden will target Warren, argue "it's not just about plans; it's about getting things done for the people"; Biden releases video praising Obama hours before debate; Biden advisers: Biden's plan of attack is to criticize Warren's plans and tie himself to former President Obama; 2020 Democratic candidates to take stage for third debate tonight; Trump downplays NSA role after firing John Bolton: "It's easy, because I make all the decisions. They don't have to work"; Trump responds to report that Israel planted surveillance devices near White House: "I really would find that hard to believe"; House Judiciary moves ahead with impeachment inquiry; Nadler says it will "Go well beyond" Mueller Report; Pelosi avoids using the word "impeachment" as Judiciary Democrats approve impeachment investigation guidelines; Man who Trump called "my African American" in 2016 says he no longer supports Trump and has left GOP; Man Trump called "My African American" no longer backs Trump; Kamala Harris looks for debate breakthrough by focusing on personal experiences and taking on Trump; Kamala Harris hopes to regain momentum in tonight's debate; Candidates warned to watch their mouths at debate via Knit

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