Campaign: Elizabeth Warren rakes in $19M after swearing off high-dollar fundraisers, outpaces Sanders, Harris; Sources: Obama & Biden haven't talked directly since debate; Trump says he will "no longer deal with" U.K. ambassador to the U.S. who slammed Tr


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Eric Swalwell becomes first major candidate to end 2020 bid, citing polling and fundraising numbers; Kamala Harris to Swalwell: "You're a great fighter"; Amash: Pelosi "making a mistake" by not starting impeachment; Biden touts Obama relationship; Michelle Obama says no endorsement is coming until after primaries; Biden repeatedly invokes "Barack and I" on campaign trail; U.K.'s Ambassador disinvited from Trump dinner after calling him "inept"; Trump: Iran "better be careful"; Tehran ups Uranium enrichment; 19 Senior Pentagon roles are currently filled by temps or vacant; Jeffrey Epstein charged with luring, abusing girls at his mansions; Has ties to Trump & Bill Clinton; Indictment: Epstein paid girls as young as 14 to engage in sex acts; Jeffrey Epstein charged with luring, abusing girls at his mansions; Pelosi stands by comments dismissing Ocasio-Cortez's influence: "All these people have their public whatever"; Trump touts a quote from Reagan as "cute", but it's fake; Congratulations to Executive Producer Susie Xu and family! via Knit

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