Federal judge slams President Trump's comments about Andrew McCabe's case, likens it to a "banana republic", Trump claims he has "legal right" to intervene in DOJ cases despite Barr asking him to stop DOJ-related tweets


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Officials: Barr privately orders re-examination of Flynn case, raises more questions about political interference at justice dept., Nevada caucus volunteer: "I am concerned" about reporting results, "we are going to be using an online tool... we have never seen or been trained on", Contract shows DNC was involved in Iowa caucus app development, DNC chair responds to anger over changing debate rules, allowing Bloomberg to qualify for next Democratic debate, Klobuchar sounds alarm over Sanders' political beliefs: "I certainly don't think that is where our country is", As Sanders surges, Democrat rivals question his electability, Nearly 70 women now say they were sexually assaulted by same doctor as Andrew Yang's wife, Trump-Bloomberg feud reaches new heights via Knit

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