Iran dismisses Trump's threat of "locked and loaded"; Six 2020 Democrats call for Justice Kavanaugh's impeachment; Pelosi, Schumer speak with Trump on gun control


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Trump dials back tough talk on Iran after "locked and loaded" tweet; Trump: "we'd certainly like to avoid" war with Iran; Nadler: "Personally, I think the President ought to be impeached," but the American public has to be on board; Representative Omar teams up with Senator Booker on bill that guarantees a job for everyone who wants one; Trump: NYT reporting on Kavanaugh "a false accusation"; CNN: letter to FBI flagged info on Kavanaugh alleged misconduct before confirmation; Trump questions whether Democrats will "move the goalposts" on gun talks after call with Pelosi and Schumer; GOP Congressman backs assault weapons ban; daughter was across street from mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio; Trump questions whether talks are "plot to take your guns away" after O'Rourke backs mandatory gun buyback; Former Trump aides expected to defy House subpoena under White House orders; impeachment hearing tomorrow; Oxycontin maker Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy; part of a $10 billion agreement to settle opiod lawsuits; Massachusetts attorney general rejects Purdue Pharma settlement; suing Sackler family; Activist denied bail; had invited ICE to a town hall, later arrested for being in the country illegally; Undocumented immigrant arrested; had invited ICE to a town hall via Knit

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