New study finds drug touted & taken by Trump linked to risk of death


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New coronavirus cases in the past week are up in least 17 states. States around the country lift restrictions heading into the holiday weekend. Trump declares house of worship “essential” amid pandemic. Fears grow over an uptick in cases as states are now lifting restrictions heading into the holiday weekend. The CDC estimates that 35% of coronavirus infections show no symptoms. Researchers are now saying that Remdesivir alone “is not likely to be sufficient”. The AP reports that thousands of patients are now recovering from the virus after being sent to NY nursing homes. A nursing home CEO states that Cuomo’s policy of sending virus patients to nursing homes “just took things to another level”. Under the Trump administration, the FDA has been pressed to fast-track potential treatments. A former FDA official say’s that the FDA authorizing emergency use of Hydroxychloroquine was an “impossible political situation”. Vice President Biden says he shouldn’t have been “so cavalier” after saying black voters “ain’t black” if they consider Trump on a radio show early Friday morning. Biden also expressed regret over his comment.

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