New Trump rule targets poor, less educated immigrants, Trump lashes out as Dems repeatedly call him "racist"; Washington Post: Trump views accusations largely as political, Trump escalates feud with Scaramucci after the former loyal aide said GOP should c


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New Trump rule means U.S. could reject green card, visa applications base on income, education and need for aid, New Trump rule would target immigrants who use government aid; report: immigrants make up small portion of those who get aid, Trump retweets baseless conspiracy theory about Epstein's death, Trump's ex-white house communications director no longer backs Trump's re-election, Trump escalates feud with former aide Scaramucci, paints him as disgruntled; Trump's "gone off the rails", Dow sinks 390 points on trade fears, U.S. budget deficit up 27%, Trump: failed missile explosion cause of deadly Russian blast; U.S. official says new missile likely involved, Trump: failed missile explosion in Russia has "people worried about the air around the facility, and far beyond", Trump takes his Sharpie diplomacy to a whole new level via Knit

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