Schumer warns McConnell he'll force Senate votes for documents, witnesses amid standoff on rules for Trump trial; Ukraine aid frozen 90 minutes after Trump-Zelensky call; House tells court McGahn testimony is "vital"; could lead to new articles of impeach


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Schumer: I'll force senate votes to compel documents in Trump trial; McConnell says "We haven't ruled out witnesses" for Trump's trial after saying Senate is the "judge and jury"; Graham: Senate GOP "should take matters into our own hands" if Pelosi doesn't send impeachment articles; Democrats demand documents after "explosive" email shows Ukraine aid frozen 90 minutes after Trump call; Justice Department asks court to stay out of McGahn fight; White House promotes official Democrats demand as impeachment witness; Democratic Senator Doug Jones says "gaps" exist in impeachment case; Bolton: "Not true" that North Korea faces max pressure from U.S.; Iowa voters "torn" between Biden and Buttigieg; President Trump versus windmills via Knit

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