Trump Defends His Use of Hydroxychloroquine Against Coronavirus


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After defending his use of unproven hydroxychloroquine drug, Trump calls study's warning of it's risks "phony" and an "enemy statement." While taking the drug, Trump is also refusing to wear a mask.

Although cases of coronavirus are rising in 17 states, all states will be partially opened this week. The governor of Texas is attributing the rise in coronavirus cases to the increase in coronavirus testing. The Washington Post is reporting that at least 12 states where testing is more than the number of patients lining up to take the coronavirus test.

A new model is suggesting that cough droplets can travel 18 feet.

New York City schools are going to host 178,000 students online for this year's summer school. The fall semester is still up in the air for more than 1.1 million students, because of fear of second wave. Other schools and universities across the country are wrestling with how and when to reopen due to coronavirus concerns.

Mnuchin says that no worker should lose their life to increase the GDP. He also warns that "there is risk of permanent damage" to the economy is states wait too long to reopen. Federal chair says "this is the biggest shock we've seen in living memory."

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