Trump lashes out, cancels Denmark trip and calls PM "very nasty" after being told buying Greenland would be "absurd"; Trump brags that he's "the Chosen One", tweets quote from conspiracy theorist calling him the "second coming of God"; Trump defends plan


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Trump doubles down on false claim that "Russia outsmarted Obama" and should be allowed back into G-7 group; Trump defends claim that American Jews who vote for Democrats are "disloyal", denies remarks are anti-Semitic; Trump repeatedly attacks Obama to defend his administration; Trump addresses El Paso, Dayton visits by talking about the "hundreds and hundreds of people" there to see him; Trump sends mixed messages on gun background checks, again; Trump now says he has "an appetite for background checks" despite sources who say he abandoned issue in call with NRA; Trump threatens to release ISIS fighters into France and Germany, without offering timeline or details; Dozens arrested over shooting threats since El Paso, Dayton; At least 30 people arrested for threats to commit mass attacks since El Paso and Dayton shootings; De Blasio speech starts on an awkward high note via Knit

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