Trump unleashes new tariffs; tweets send stocks plunging; Sources: Trump has been questioning why he must attend G7; Moulton drops out of presidential race; says it's down to a 3-way match between Biden, Warren and Sanders


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Trump suggests Fed Chief may be "bigger enemy" than Chinese president; Trump retaliates against China, unleashes new tariffs; orders American companies to cut ties with Chinese; Sources: Trump has been questioning aides why he must attend G7; doesn't view summit as a productive use of time; Trump hours away from meeting world leaders after erratic week and lashing out over recession fears; Moulton ends presidential campaign, issues warning to Democrats; NYT: There are signs of a disconnect between enthusiasm for Biden vs. strong poll numbers; Kamala Harris adviser: "lowest day" of campaign was her 12-point drop in CNN poll this week; Democratic candidate accuses DNC of "stifling debate" with its rules to qualify for next debate; Senator Bennett latest 2020 Democrat to take shot at Tom Steyer, claims he's trying to "buy" his way into next debate; Steyer: DNC will reject all corporate money if I'm President; Sanders draws comparisons to Trump in attacking the media, but calls Trump's "enemy of the people" slam "disgusting"; Bernie Sanders not backing down from attacks on media; Priest says town torn apart; never thought an ICE raid would happen there or that families would be split up; Some families remain separated after unprecedented ICE raid via Knit

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