Can you respect your vulnerabilities?


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In this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast, I talk about the importance of knowing and respecting your vulnerabilities in the process of healing your broken relationship with food and your body.

These vulnerabilities can present themselves in many shapes and forms and they often become obstacles on the way to regaining your freedom from dieting and weight obsession.

The moment you begin to embrace your vulnerable side and the parts of you that just don’t work perfectly all the time (let’s be honest, which part of us is ever working perfectly? Although, really, all of our parts always work perfectly in synch and in harmony with each other. But I digress), you are able to overcome any challenge you meet on the road to regaining your sanity.

There is something stunningly beautiful about recognizing that the feeling of being “exposed”, of being seen for who you really are – with all your imperfections – provides the foundation upon which you can build your new life, a life that is full of joy, fun and the knowing that you do not have to justify what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat – to anyone. Ever.

Learning to respect your vulnerabilities is a truly epic process and girl, you are in for a ride.

If you’d rather see the video than listen to the podcast, you can watch it here.

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