Do not apologize


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Here’s something really, really, REALLY important (and a little coach-y kick in the butt):

STOP apologizing for your body, your weight AND your food choices.

You do NOT have to comment on the fact that you’re eating a burger AGAIN.

You do NOT have to make jokes about having to buy new pants AGAIN.

You do NOT have to find excuses for having missed a workout AGAIN.

Even if you gain 50 pounds, eat 20 pieces of cake, never workout ever again, you DO NOT have to MENTION IT or APOLOGIZE about it to ANYONE.

OWN your choices, OWN your life, OWN your body and weight and stop living in fear of other people judging you.

Guess what?!

People judge.

That’s what they do.

Most of them anyway.

If we all lived in fear of judgements all the time, we’d not be able to live at all.

So, instead of apologizing for doing what you do, just DO IT.

And let others believe and think whatever they chose to believe and think.

It’s YOUR life. Live it the way YOU want to to.


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